Are you able to imagine Bill Gates withouth Paul Allen’s negotiating skills and  energy? And Steve Jobs without Steve Wozniak’s capabilities and talent? Even more, are you able to imagine Wile E. Coyote … (Were you about to say without the Road Runner?! But that’s the target, the project!) without ACME? We are goint to tell you what the artist Rob Lutoktka summaries about what ACME meant:

“For me”, illustrator and graphic designer Rob Loukotka tells from Chicago, “the ACME company was like a fantasy factory. It turned real into impossible products. It was able of materializing anything you could dream about”.

Well that’s what it’s about, that’s PMP’s mission: to complement each Wile E. Coyote with his ACME, to match each idea with those who can make it happen. And, of course, to be able to catch the Road Runner!

New Approach

We are in a new era of discoveries, it is not longer about finding the limits of the world, but about removing mental barriers, taking beyond our imagination’s limits. The technology has allowed us to create what seemed to be impossible and to push the world to new horizons.

At PMP we strive to make tangible each of those ideas which are going to become a change. We are the purest expression of what collaborative economy means, here we all contribute with what we know  how to do with a common goal: that every project goes ahead and is profitable. We look for each project to change our lives a bit more.



How We Contribute to the Start-Up Ecosystem

We are atypical, we are different, we seek that each project allows the participation of all because we all aspire to be interested parties in it and see it grow.

At PMP we will analyze the projects, formalize all the necessary documentation to regulate the relationship between the projects and the developers and when the product is ready, we will hep in the search for investment.